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  1. Production Sound
    Full ENG & EFP production sound kit. Schoeps, DPA, Wisycom, Zaxcom, Rycote, Tentacle Timecode boxes, Stereo Hop, Sound Devices 633, 788T bags. Film, episodic, commercial, reality, doc, sports and music recording and production. Done it!
  2. Video Production
    We take pride in being a SOUND first company, however image, composition, light, and the STORY are all a part of our daily work. From archival video to multi-camera music concerts airing on PBS, we do that too.
  3. Music Recording
    Music and the arts are very important in our world and our hearts. Arnold Sound and Video started first in music . When the music stops, we will be dead. We love musicians. Call us!
  4. Studio Services
    Fully equipped multi-track music and dialog recording studio, video production and advanced post production capabilities in audio and video. Let us help with your next project.
Arnold Sound and Video is a Manhattan, Kansas based business which has provided professional quality location and studio services for many years. A SOUND first business located in the 'Little Apple' known for lugging microphones, cameras, and production equipment all over the USA and globe. We especially love working and promoting the arts. Proudly serving production companies, agencies, network TV, corporate America (and non-profits) large and small as well symphony orchestras, choirs, bands and musicians of many genres!​​
Our Clients:   HBO, Discovery, Fox, PBS, ESPN, ABC, NBC, Wendy's, Kroger, Kansas State, AIB, Doane University, musicians and many more.
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